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Like some scarecrow prophet, vocalist Ezekiel Ox spits out his passionate diatribe with a wild-eyed maniacal zeal, fusing rapid-fire rhetoric and soaring melody, while guitarist Pete Williamson lays down the sort of riffage that have any punter’s fist unconsciously forming the horned salute. And throughout, the lock-steady rhythm-section of bassist Nick Adams and drummer Zane Rosanoski deliver the kind of grooves you can feel in your gut.

Mammal Live Review Quote Mammal is f**king excellent to watch; there’s no denying it. They have so much energy in their playing and performance that you cannot help but get swept away in it. These guys are building a loyal fan base and you can see why. The veritable frenzy that happened during the playing of Hell Yeah made me feel that I was watching a pack of wild animals unleashed - which is frankly what you want when you’re watching good rock’n’roll. - Carolyn Miller, Drum Media

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